Frequently asked questions

Services and customer service

What are the available services ?

KHIDMITTY offers you the following services: Internal services such as (plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, home appliances repair and other services that is provided inside the house or in your location ) External services such as car maintenance and other services provided outside the house

How to get KHIDMITTY?

You can download KHIDMITTY for free from the GOOGLE PLAY & APP STORE or downloaded through the link on the main page directly

Which area is coverd by KHIDMITTY application?

Currently the service covers the majority of Great Cairo cities

What shall I do if there is a problem with the service request or service provider?

In the event of a problem with the service request or service provider, you could call 0227902444-0227902445 or send an email to

How Can I request the same service provider again?

Yes, by going to the same closed request you will find re-order icon. Then You can request the same service provider

As a client, why I do not deal with the service provider directly which cheaper?

We guarantee any work done on the application only and we are no responsible for any order done out side the application , plus there will be no difference in price

Can I make an appointment on a specific date and time?

At KHIDMITTY we believe in the importance of time so the app was design to do that, so you can book the service


How can I get discounts on friend referral?

You can access the "Call and earn" through the menu in the application and invite the people you want and benefit from the discounts

How can I use the invitation code from a friend?

  1. Enter your friend's invitation code in the "invitation code" box when you first register in the KHIDMITTY application.
  2. Upon successful entry you will be sent your discount voucher.
  3. Enter your discount voucher number before paying in the first service request for you and the discount will be deducted automatically.

How can I follow offers and discounts?

By sliding through the banner on the top of the Internal or External Services page, you can browse the available offers

In addition, all external service providers offer a special discount to KHIDMITTY customers

Payments and Warranty

What payment methods are available to order the service?

Customers can pay in cash or credit cards with ease and confidence

Can I know the price of the service before ordering?

Certainly KHIDMITTY is keen to inform you of the service price and the details of your order prior to your approval. Therefore, you will receive an approximate quotation from the service provider before he reaches your location and starts working.

What is the warranty offered by KHIDMITTY?

  1. “KHIDMITTY” offers limited warranty period for orders performed by service provider inside the house and the payment was made through our system.
  2. The warranty period varies from one service to another, but it’s not less than 2 weeks.
  3. The warranty covers reoccurring discrepancies.
  4. The warranty covers defected material or parts that was purchase by service provider without the customer direct supervision and approval. But if it was supplied or bought by the customer, so he is responsible about these materials regarding the safety and quality, and any damages that might happen in the “maintenance or service” as a result of the invalid materials or bad quality and no warranty will cover it.

Internal Service Providers

How is the service provider selected?

The service providers (freelancer) are selected according to high and accurate standards and after passing the personal, technical interview and reviewing their previous work. In addition, to submitting clear criminal record completely free from any previous legal or ethical violations.

The requirement for service providers as companies the following: a valid Commercial Register) CR(, previous work record and there is special evaluation criteria for each field

What is the benefit of joining the applications as service provider?

  1. Through the application, the service provider can ensure a unique application platform to showcase and market its services and thus more work and continuous good income
  2. The service provider can promote its services by placing promotional offers on the application
  3. The service provider shall ensure easy access to the customer's place afterobtaining the address through the application and also the speed of completion of the work to obtain the images of the discrepancy and provide the spare parts in the same visit (as per customer request)
  4. The service provider does not pay any cost to register in the application.
  5. The service provider is able to obtain a report annually for the total maintenance work performed by the service provide